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Award Bylaws

Article 1.
These are the Bylaws of Mahmoud Darwish Award for Creativity. They were issued under Article 3 of the articles of the Main Statute of Mahmoud Darwish Foundation in 2009.

Article 2.
The following words, wherever they appear in these bylaws, have the meanings set forth below, unless the context indicates otherwise:

Foundation: Mahmoud Darwish Foundation.
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mahmoud Darwish Foundation.
Board of Directors: Board of Directors of Mahmoud Darwish Foundation.
Board of Trustees: Board of Trustees of Mahmoud Darwish Foundation.
Award: Mahmoud Darwish Award for Creativity.
Award Committee: The Award Committee of Mahmoud Darwish Award for Creativity.
Coordinator: A delegated member of the Board of Directors to maintain contact with the Award Committee and to attend its meetings.
The Poet: Mahmoud Darwish.

Article 3.
The foundation establishes, in accordance to these rules, an annual award named Mahmoud Darwish Award for Creativity.

Article 4.
A- The award is awarded for creative Palestinians, Arabs or international, whose production contains artistic, cultural, national and humanitarian values. It is also can be granted to institutions and cultural organizations worthy of it.
B- The award can be given for a single creator or more in special cases which can be proposed by the Award Committee.

Article 5.
The award consists of the following:
1) A plaque that has Mahmoud Darwish name and image.
2) A certificate signed by the President of the State of Palestine.
3) Cash reward of $ 25 thousand dollars for each winner.

Article 6.
The Board of Directors of the Foundation forms a Ward Committee on the ninth of August of each year, which should choose a president for their Committee. In addition, the Award Committee has the following tasks:
1- Nominate a candidate who seems, by a majority of the members, to be appropriate for the award
2- Issues reasoned decision about granting or withholding the award.
3- It is not allowed to any member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, or of the Board of Trustees, or any employee of the foundation to be a member of the Award Committee.
4 - The Board of Directors delegates one of its members to coordinate between the members of the Award Committee and the Board of Directors.
5 – The coordinator is not allowed to vote when decision-making is taking place.
6 – Membership of the Award Committee shall not be given to the same members for more than three consecutive sessions.
7- Forming a committee of qualified persons, who are entitled to implement assignments as requested by the Award Committee.

Article 7.
Award Committee shall submit its decision to the Board of Directors for approval.

Article 8.
The President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation takes the responsibility of announcing the chosen name for the award, and deciding upon the venue of the award celebration, to be delivered on the thirteenth of March of each year, the birthday date of the poet and the day for Palestinian national culture.

Article 9.
The financial expenses for the implementation of the provisions of these regulations shall be part of the Foundation budget, and these expenses shall be approved by the financial auditor.

Article 10.
The Board of Directors issues the necessary instructions to implement the provisions of these regulations.