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Published Work


1. Asafir bila Ajniha (Birds Without Wings), 1960.
2. Awraq al-zaytoon (Leaves of Olive), 1964.
3. Ashiq min Falastin (Lover From Palestine), 1966.
4. Akhir al-layl (The End of the Night), 1967.
5. Yawmiyyat jurh filastini (Diary of a Palestinian Wound), 1969.
6. Al-Asafir tamut fe al jalil (Birds are Dying in Galilee), 1969.
7. Al-Kitabah 'ala dhaw'e al-bonduqiyah (Writing in the Light of the Gun), 1970.
8. Habibati tanhadu min nawmiha (My Lover Awakes from Sleep), 1970.
9. Uhibbuki aw la uhibbuki ( I love You/ I love you Not), 1972.
10. Muhawala raqam Sab’a (Trial Number Seven), 1973.
11. Tilka suratuha wa-hadha intihar al-ashiq (That's Her Image, and This is the Lover’s Suicide), 1975.
12. A’ras (Weddings), 1977.
13. Madih al-zill al-ali (Praise to the High Shadow), 1983. 
14. Hisar li-mada’ih al-bahr (A Siege for the Sea Eulogies), 1984.
15. Hiya ughniya, Hiya ughniya (It's a Song, It's a Song), 1986.
16. Ward aqall (Fewer Roses), 1986.
17. Ma'asat al-narjis, malhat al-fidda (The Tragedy of Narcissus, The Comedy of Silver), 1987.
18. Ara ma urid (I See What I Want to See), 1990.
19. Ahada a’shara kawkaban (Eleven Planets), 1992.
20. Limadha tarakta al-hisana wahidan? (Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone?), 1995.
21. Sarir al Ghariba ( A Bed of the Stranger ), 1999.
22. Jidariya (Mural), 2000.
23. Halat Hisar (State of Siege), 2002.
24. La taa’tather amma fa3alta (Don't Apologize for What You've Done), 2004.
25. Kazahr lawz aw ab’ad (Almond Blossoms and Beyond), 2005.
26. La Uridu Li-Hadhi 'l-Qasidati An Tantahi (I Don't Want for This Poem to End), 2009.


1. Shai'on 'an al-wattan (Something about the Homeland), 1971.
2. Yawmiyyat al-hozn al-'aadi (Journal of an Ordinary Grief), 1973.
3. Wada'an ayatuha al-harb, wada'an ayuha al-salaam (Farewell to War, Farewell to Peace), 1974.
4. Dhakirah li-al-nisyan (Memory for Forgetfulness), 1987. 
5. Fi wasf halatina (Describing our Condition), 1987.
6. Fi intizar AL-barabira (Waiting for the Barbarians), 1987.
7. Al-Rasa'il (The Letters), Joint work with Samih al-Qasim. 1989.
8. Aabiroon fi Kalamen 'aaber (Transients in Transient Talk), 1991.
9. Fi hadrat al-Ghiyab (In the Presence of Absence), 2006.
10. Hirat Al-Aed (The Confusion of the Returnee), 2007.
11. Athar Alfarasha (The Trace of the Butterfly: A Diary), 2008.